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About the SucceedWithAccent

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The purpose of our project is to facilitate the integration of immigrants into Canadian society.

My experience and experience of my students shows that it is impossible to be successful in dating in Canada if one only stays within confines of the ethnic community with no attempt to integrate.

I found that immigrant men are having difficulties in meeting women outside their ethnic communities. In most of the cases, it happens because they don’t know how to communicate effectively [and I don’t only mean fluency in English], suffer from cultural inferiority complex, confused about the contemporary role of a man or lacking understanding of basic unwritten rules of Canadian dating culture.

Some may have even attempted to find a girlfriend but failed and it led to stress and negativity, depression and all kind of unproductive behaviours. The energy that could have been used in contributing to the society is being wasted and diverted.

By sharing dating tips, by encouraging immigrant men to overcome mental blocks our project not only helps to make a settlement process less stressful but speeds up the process of integration for newcomers.

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I sincerely hope to see more beautiful couples like this in future.