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About the SucceedWithAccent

The main purpose of SucceedWithAccent is to help immigrant men who live in countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand to become more successful in dating and professional life.

SucceedWithAccent exists since 2008. Initially we operated only in Toronto, Canada, but due to the rising demand and changing demographics we decided to expand our reach worldwide.

Our project offers comprehensive resources: books, DVDs, training programs on two most important topics for every immigrant man:

  1. How to find an attractive local girlfriend
  2. How to build wealth for you and your family in a new country

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We launch this project with topic of dating in a new country. When in gets colder we will switch to following subjects:

– how an immigrant can start a successful business

– and how to find a high paying job fast if you are an immigrant.


We sincerely hope that with help of SucceedWithAccent the process of settlement in your new home will be smooth and less stressful.