How to get a Personal English Tutor / Coach for Free?


In this post,  I will be talking about an app that I call a personal English tutor. It teaches you English language based on your personal needs and time availability. It is a Powerful Grammer/Spell Checker which is a MUST HAVE APP for every NON-NATIVE ENGLISH Speaker, ESL Student, Newcomer, Immigrant. It helps improve your English writing skills easy and hassle-free.

Many of you already know it. It is called Grammarly. Most people use a free version and missing out on the most important feature.
I don’t know why Grammarly doesn’t promote this app as Personal English Tutor as this is what it exactly does for you.

Here is my video where I explain how to use Grammarly correctly to make it your Personal English Tutor. Enjoy it and if you have questions. Post them under the video.