How Dating Can Help You Study English Faster

me and sauri

Question. Ali: Do you have any advice how to study English faster?

If you after reading my 2 previous post is still thinking that your fluency in English is key to your success with local women I don’t blame you.

As I was also mesmerized by a negative belief that English is important for dating in Canada.  I felt very self-conscious about it. Now I know that I’ve gotten that “bug” – negative mental block from Germany where I’ve heard it a lot, “He can’t even speak German right”. So naturally, as a victim of a cultural inferiority complex I didn’t want to be associated with “bad” foreigners [ I will talk in coming posts about cultural inferiority complex and how it effect confidence of immigrant brothers]. So speaking proper English was a big deal for me.

But it was also about my personal freedom. If I can’t express myself using verbal communication or I have a limited capacity doing it, I don’t feel that I am fully expressing myself. I had that experience while I studied German and then English. The better I could express myself using new language the more comfortable and at home I felt.

My problem was that I always measured myself against locals [native English speakers who are born in Canada or USA]. It was very frustrating.

Now, after years have passed, I am certainly not even near a level of a native English speaker but I still manage to communicate what I want and what is more important, to get what I want. I am all for effective communication. If you are reading this book and understand 80% I can guarantee you that you are more than capable to attract girls with your current level of English.

You just need to know the right things to say which you will rehearse at home beforehand. Known Pareto’s Law  can  be  summarized  as  follows:  80%  of  the  output  results  from 20% of the input.

English is my second language as well. But I speak it much worse than German. German is my third language. I went to English language gymnasium but sadly I spent more time playing basketball and staring at girls than studying.

I studied 2 years in English at the German University before I switched to a German-speaking program. I also worked for 1,5 years as an English interpreter for a general manager’s office of a large regional telecommunications company in Russia. But after I came to Canada, I took ESL and Link classes for 6 months as I found that I am not good in colloquial language and I continue working on my English with a Canadian coach.[ Really expensive but as you can see my progress in Book 4, totally worth it]

I knew from my experience in Germany that the fastest way to learn the language is to find either English speaking friends or a girlfriend.  I knew that I shouldn’t watch or read anything in my native tongue.  I stayed away from Russian speaking areas and had only a few Russian speaking acquaintances. It was like a boot camp.


That was a bit of an extreme way to do it but I knew that this formula works. I never realized how fast I was progressing but when I met my first Korean student I saw how surprised he was to learn that I was also only 1 year in Canada. One of his major obstacles, as we found during his first assessment session, was inability to communicate in English properly and a belief that people find his accent repellent.

I think many of us can relate to him. In Book 1, Magnetic Accent: How to use your accent to attract women naturally  I’ll show you some of the tricks I used to reduce the accent and ways of utilizing accent to succeed in dating and professional life.

In  my upcoming Book 2, Ultimate Confidence Booster for Immigrants: Boost Your Confidence In 7 Days  that is designed to  make your confidence rock solid, help remove all fears and prepare you for dating of Canadian women, I am sharing with you a step by step instruction of how one can get rid of Fear of Speaking English  or how it is often translates in expression “What if she laughs at me, when I say something?!”

But what to do if you are still not ready to go out and meet local girls what  should you do?

At the end of this post I want to talk about strategies for success with women for those who don’t feel that they are up to dating local women yet.

 In your new homeland you will be surrounded with women who are also immigrants like you and they also, like locals girls, want to have love and affection in their lives, so don’t be a jerk, give something back to the community. As I like to say we immigrants have to help each otherJ.

 It is not a joke this is how I started out here in Canada by meeting non-native English girls first. The more I did that, the more confident I became. Parallel to that, I worked on my English and was structuring my conversational materials and adapting routines to my immigrant needs.  I especially perfected them when dated Asian girls of all kinds. I share my secrets on how to attract Asian girls in my upcoming book Geisha Magnet: Secrets of attracting Asian girls.