How Dating Can Help You Study English Faster

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Warning: This post is specifically written for people who are self-conscious about their English and use lack of proficiency as an excuse for inaction! For everyone else, continuous improvement of English should be a part of your daily routine.

Question. Ali: Do you have any advice how to study English faster?

If you are still thinking that your fluency in English is key to your success with local women I don’t blame you.  I was also mesmerized by a negative belief that English is the most important thing in dating here.  I felt very self-conscious about it.

On one hand, I was a victim of a cultural inferiority complex so speaking proper English was a big deal for me. [in upcoming posts I will talk about cultural inferiority complex and how it effects confidence of immigrants ].

On the other hand, it was also about my personal freedom. If I can’t express myself using verbal communication or I have a limited capacity doing it, I don’t feel that I am fully expressing myself. I had that experience while I studied in Germany. The better I could express myself using new language the more comfortable and at home I felt.

My problem was that I always measured myself against locals [native English speakers who are born in Canada or USA]. It was very frustrating.

Now, after years have passed, I am certainly not near the level of a native English speaker but I still manage to communicate effectively. If you are reading this post and understand 80% of the content, I can guarantee you that you are more than capable of finding a girlfriend with your current level of English.

You just need to know the right things to say which you will rehearse at home beforehand. [See Book 3 Secrets of Dating for Immigrnts]

I knew from my experience in Germany that the fastest way to learn the language is to find either English speaking friends or a girlfriend.  I knew that I shouldn’t watch or read anything in my native tongue.  I stayed away from Russian speaking areas and had only a few Russian speaking acquaintances. It was like an intense English language boot camp.

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That was a bit of an extreme way to do it but I knew that this formula works. I never realized how fast I was progressing until I met my first Korean student.  I saw how surprised he was to learn that I was also only 2 years in Canada. One of his major obstacles, as we found during his first assessment session, was the inability to communicate in English properly and a belief that people find his accent repellent. I think many of us can relate to him. In Book 1, Magnetic Accent: How to use your accent to attract women naturally  I’ll show you some of the tricks I used to reduce the accent and ways of utilizing accent to succeed in dating and professional life.

In  my upcoming Book 2, Ultimate Confidence Booster for Immigrants: Boost Your Confidence In 7 Days  that is designed to  make your confidence rock solid, help remove all fears and prepare you for dating of Canadian women, I am sharing with you a step by step instruction of how one can get rid of the fear of Making Mistake While Speaking In English  or how it is often translated in expression “What if she laughs at me, when I say something incorrectly?!”

Good luck and stay tuned!