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max2Max Smirnoff has become an expert on dating for immigrants through his own search for answers to his frustrations in dating Canadian women.





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Since recognizing the need for developing a new approach to dating for immigrants over 5 years ago, Max Smirnoff has spent thousands of hours working with hundreds of immigrants. In addition to working with these men in individual and group sessions, Max Smirnoff conducts seminars around the country on covering almost every aspect of dating process for immigrants.







His blog presents resources to assist immigrant men in their journey to a new, happier dating and professional life in their new homeland.

Max Smirnoff is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and has been featured in most popular magazines and newspapers for immigrants.



Born in 1984 in Russia, he holds MA in Economics from Ural State Mining University and was the first international student to receive an MBA with High Honors from one of the most prestigious universities – University of Applied Science in Germany.



When he came to Canada in 2008, despite of his elite international educational background and professional accomplishments he had to start at the very bottom. He worked in maintenance for a long period of time. It took him years of hard work and dedication to become a successful business owner and private investor.



He lives in Toronto where he is known as an entrepreneur, educator, published self-help author, motivational speaker, dating coach with a private consulting practice, a marketing expert and enthusiastic blogger and Twitterer.