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My Story

After arriving to Canada I started feeling frustrated and depressed as I couldn’t find a girlfriend here. Due to this and other reasons, I felt isolated and disconnected from Canadian society in general. I think this picture says it all about how I felt at that time.
But I didn’t give up and I started actively integrating myself. I became an active member of the community. I never regret the time spent on volunteering as it helped me to figure out how I can use my advantages as an immigrant man in dating. Soon enough I have met my first Canadian girlfriend. We are not together anymore but I always will stay grateful to her for helping me with integration and improvement of English skills.

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My blog  is here to assist immigrant men in integration in the new homeland by providing tips and resources on dating, improvement of English skills and learning Canadian ways. My specialty is assistance in removing mental blocks, fears, and phobias in regards to dating.








More about Max


Born in 1984 in Russia, he holds MA in Economics from Ural State Mining University and was the first international student to receive an MBA  from the University of Applied Science in Germany.


When he came to Canada in 2008, despite his excellent educational background and professional accomplishments he had to start at the very bottom. He worked in maintenance for a long period of time. It took him years of hard work and dedication to realize his dreams.


He lives in Toronto where he is known as an educator, self-help author, entrepreneur, inventor, and  artist. He also actively involved in the promotion of sobriety by helping people to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. He is a Canadian blood donor.